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Session 3: Engineering Computing

The Future of Engineering Computing – From Workstations to the Cloud

A massive change is underway in the way we do engineering computing driven by engineering software enhancements, powerful GPUs and Cloud services.

When properly supported, the current generation of workstation-grade GPUs can match the performance of a compute cluster available just a few years ago. At the same time, commercial cloud offerings now provide easy access to vast amounts of CPU, GPU and RAM. This makes it possible to achieve unprecedented efficiency in engineering computing.

In this presentation we will discuss how to choose the right workstation, GPU and cloud computing resources, and share metrics on the speed and efficiency that can be achieved with the current generation of workstation and cloud hardware.

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MingYao Ding, Principal and VP of Engineering at Ozen Engineering Inc.

MingYao leads a dedicated team of engineering simulation experts to help companies big and small solve engineering challenges through simulations. Prior to joining Ozen Engineering, MingYao was the founder and CEO of Singularity Engineering LLC and an applications engineer at Ansys inc.

[email protected]

Moderator: Kenneth Wong

Senior Editor
Digital Engineering

About UberCloud

UberCloud enables engineers to access, use, and benefit from enormous computing capacity in the simplest way possible in the cloud. Unlike traditional corporate-owned computing silos and their high capital and operating costs, UberCloud helps companies in Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Energy, Finance, etc., to seamlessly integrate HighPerformance Computing (HPC) into their cloud strategy, with UberCloud’s fully automated, self-service, multi-cloud Engineering Simulation Platform and unique HPC containers for Multi-Physics, Big Data Analytics, Digital Twins, Machine Learning, and other complex applications. These cloud and application agnostic HPC containers remove most of the challenges and roadblock in engineering and scientific cloud computing, making Cloud HPC a seamless extension of engineers' in-house desktop computers. Thus, engineers can concentrate on working on their complex simulation workflows from anywhere in a familiar way, at their fingertips, with no learning needed.

UberCloud was founded in June 2014 and has been recognized and awarded multiple times internationally by Gartner, Hyperion, IDC, The 451 Research, and HPCwire as a pioneer in ‘Technical Computing as a Service’ technologies.

2310 Homestead Rd, Suite C1-301
Los Altos, California, 94024

UberCloud Resources

Download this eBook and discover the numerous advantages offered by HPC in the cloud and how it grants engineers access to the right computing resources necessary for running compute and data-intensive computer simulations.

According a blog post on the UberCloud web site, FLSmidth Engineers Achieve 10X Increase In Their Productivity With UberCloud/Azure.

About PSSC Labs

For over 25 years PSSC Labs has been providing custom, on-premise high performance computing (HPC) systems designed to meet our clients’ unique enterprise computing challenges. So whether you need help with an HPC AI or Deep Learning solution or other Big Data application, PSSC Labs is here for you and your organization. PSSC Labs is committed to delivering relentless performance with the absolute lowest total cost of ownership all backed with industry-leading US-based support. 

20432 North Sea Circle
Lake Forest, California, 92630
[email protected]

PSSC Labs Resources

Critical to your success is our consultative approach to understanding your goals and required deliverables. Our first step is listening and learning about your data capture, computation, and visualization needs.

Whether you need help with an HPC AI, Deep Learning solutions or other Big Data application, PSSC Labs is here for you and your organization. Download this doc to learn more.

PSSC Labs combines high-performance, open-source components with proven Intel® Xeon® processor-based platforms to create competitive solutions for the top tiers of computing requirements. Download this doc to learn more.

One of the most important aspects of selecting a big data server or storage architecture is total cost of ownership. First, it’s important to acknowledge that TCO isn’t just the cost of buying the equipment. Download this doc to learn more.

Engineering Computing Resources

Rescale’s Software-Defined Approach to Modernizing Science and Engineering Computing

Reducing barriers to entry with cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are helping to break down barriers to entry for even the smallest teams.

Breaking down common misconceptions about cloud-based HPC solutions.

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