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Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics
2650 E. 40th Ave
Denver, Colorado, 80205
United States of America
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Prime Robotics specializes in warehouse automation and robotic technology. Their teams focus on delivering solutions that are customized to fit your business and supply chain operations. From Receiving, Put away, and Storage to Picking, Packing, and Shipping, Prime Robotics can help you automate more of your entire operation.

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As automation becomes more widespread in logistics and warehousing, shelf-moving robots stand out for their remarkable efficiency and versatility. But what exactly is a shelf-moving robot? Below, we explore how shelf-moving robots work, their key features and benefits, and considerations for implementation. What is a Shelf-Moving Robot? Shelf-moving robots are automated goods-to-person systems that retrieve, […]
Automated mixed case palletizing is an innovative solution that streamlines pallet handling operations. These systems help warehouses increase efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy. Below, we explore how mixed case palletizing works, the benefits, and factors to consider when implementing these systems in your warehouse.   What is Automated Mixed Case Palletizing? Mixed case palletizing is the process […]
In the final part of this blog series, we examine a complex but critical metric in warehouse operations—fully loaded fulfillment cost per order. This metric encompasses all expenses related to processing and shipping an order. Understanding fully loaded costs is vital for identifying areas for process improvements and assessing the financial impact of deploying automation […]
Part two of this three-part blog series shifts our focus from pick rates to error rates. Error rates in warehousing refer to the percentage of incorrect items picked and sent to customers. High error rates lead to operational inefficiencies, customer dissatisfaction, and ultimately, less revenue. Studies show that a single picking error can reduce the […]
In this three-part blog series, we delve into key metrics for evaluating and optimizing warehouse productivity before and after implementing automation. By understanding these metrics—pick rates, error rates, and fully loaded fulfillment costs—you’ll gain valuable insights into operational improvements and cost savings opportunities. Part one of our series focuses on pick rates, a vital metric for […]
Warehouses are increasingly adopting automation to streamline operations. Many robotics providers offer different financing options for businesses. This leaves businesses wondering if they should purchase or lease warehouse robots. Below, we discuss the Robots as a Service (RaaS) model in more detail to help you make an informed decision for your warehouse operation. What is […]
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