Lumion 2024 Enables Design in the Moment

Discover real-time ray tracing, faster video renders and more.

Discover real-time ray tracing, faster video renders and more.

New software update is designed to enhance workflow efficiency. Image courtesy of Lumion.

Lumion 2024, which is designed to enhance workflow efficiency, enables users to craft architectural designs with clarity, speed and realism.

With fully ray-traced, true-to-life previews of every space you envision, Lumion 2024 provides immediate visual feedback on every design decision made.

In this latest release, the ray tracing effect has been expanded to work with 2,200+ nature items, translucent materials and colored glass. With a single click, users will see trees and greenery vividly reflected in glass and water, the soft glow of sunlight diffused through a curtain, and vibrant, patterned shadows cast by stained glass.

With faster video rendering times for similar quality, users can create animations and presentations in record time compared to the previous version.

The Lumion 2024 highlights video here notes product features.

Lumion 2024 introduces a real-time denoiser in photo and movie mode, so users can spend less time waiting for previews to load and more time refining your designs.

Now users can see near-instant previews of renderings, giving real-time feedback for faster design decisions.

Faster Ray-Traced Videos

In Lumion 2024, users can achieve comparable quality output with ray tracing using far fewer samples than in the previous version.

This means reduced video rendering times, making it easier to incorporate realistic, dynamic animations in your design evaluations and project presentations.

Use the ray tracing effect to enhance minute details of glass, create intriguing patterns, and reproduce subtle variations naturally found in objects. See how light interacts with glass surfaces and discover how realistic reflections, refractions, and shadows automatically reveal themselves. Or paint with light and color using tinted glass materials.

Translucent materials like marble, polycarbonate, and textiles add subtlety and depth to designs. How they interact with light can influence the ambiance of spaces, setting the mood and capturing attention.

Lumion 2024 makes it easy to enhance the appearance of translucent materials with subsurface scattering. Now compatible with ray tracing, users can capture the nuanced interplay of light on these surfaces with accuracy, adding a sense of depth, dimension and realism. From the diffusion of light through its surface to the depth, every characteristic can be revealed.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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