What’s New in Simcenter FLOEFD 2312

Product features CAD-embedded computational fluid dynamics simulation.

Product features CAD-embedded computational fluid dynamics simulation.

Running a PCB reflow oven thermal process simulation. Image courtesy of Siemens.

The new Simcenter FLOEFD 2312 software release from Siemens enhances CAD-embedded computational fluid dynamics to shorten preprocessing activities, accelerate electronics thermal design workflows, while adding new capabilities for structural analysis, and an improved Application Programming Interface (API) for simulation automation, the company reports.

In Simcenter FLOEFD 2312, a project template has been added so you can create and modify a printed circuit board reflow oven simulation as a transient study to reflect conditions as a board moves through an oven. The template leverages the project parameters functionality in Simcenter FLOEFD and the new EFDAPI automation capabilities is used to modify parameters. The approach simulates the reflow process inside a small volume space around the printed circuit board with moving flow boundary conditions instead of simulating the real oven with moving bodies.

Localized PCB thermal modeling fidelity provides advantage of accuracy for modeling copper and layers beneath components. This computational efficient solution remains an alternative to explicitly modeling applied to a whole board. Previously in Simcenter FLOEFD, thermal territories, were defined centered on a single component and aspect ratio defined. Now in Simcenter FLOEFD 2312, users can specify a standalone Thermal Territory which can be placed anywhere independently on a PCB and then set its aspect ratio. This enables localized modeling fidelity to be set to encompass areas with groups of components more easily.

Users define the following definitions and then select the modeling level:
(1) Location (X and Y)
(2) Size (Length and Width)

EDA Bridge scripting

Users can now record and playback scripts that capture the workflow in the main EDA Bridge window where you process imported electronic CAD data.  Functionality that can be recorded and run include includes actions like changing the modeling level of the board and creating thermal territories. Scripting will be enhanced in subsequent releases from Simcenter FLOEFD 2312 onward.

Package Creator Updates

What is Package Creator? The existing Package Creator utility in Simcenter FLOEFD enables engineers to create 3D CAD geometry based integrated circuit package thermal models quickly and easily in minutes from a list of templates guides for common package families. These detailed models can then be used in electronics cooling simulation studies in Simcenter FLOEFD.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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