Ansys Fluent Web UI Supports Access to CFD Simulations

Ansys Fluent Web user interface (UI) enables users to remotely interact with simulations running on the cloud anywhere from any device.

Ansys Fluent Web user interface (UI) enables users to remotely interact with simulations running on the cloud anywhere from any device.

Ansys Fluent Web UI unlocks the power of cloud computing for supercharged CFD simulations. Image courtesy of Ansys.

Ansys launches Fluent Web UI, a web-based technology that enables users to remotely access simulations from any device. Fluent Web UI provides an interface for Ansys Fluent, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver with native GPUs that can speed time to result.

Users are now able to run, control, and monitor simulations on the cloud or on-premises high-performance computing clusters. The streamlined interface delivers pervasive insights faster for a wide range of CFD applications, including automotive under-hood heat transfer, gas turbine simulations, and external aerodynamics for aerospace applicationsm, the company reports.

Building on Ansys’ cloud initiatives, Fluent Web UI complements other offerings to provide users with a comprehensive suite of tools, from design to validation. For instance, Ansys Discovery Burst relies on fast-scaling clusters of GPUs to facilitate expansive, early design exploration that helps designers identify optimal designs faster, reducing the need for physical prototyping. 

Users can leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) with the new Ansys SimAI tool to rapidly explore additional designs within a given design envelope, getting results within minutes, according to Ansys. SimAI is a pure software-as-a-service offering that supports an open ecosystem and is approachable for users without deep learning expertise.

“Our customers can leverage our native GPU solvers and AI solutions in the cloud or on premise to realize significant time-saving benefits across industry applications from automotive to aerospace,” says Shane Emswiler, senior vice president of products at Ansys. “It’s no secret that CFD simulations can be incredibly time and resource-intensive, but our customers are working against tight timelines that have little room for error. The seamless connectivity that Fluent Web UI will help keep complex projects on track, while empowering designers to make better decisions as they monitor the simulation in real time from any device.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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