Sigmetrix Releases EZtol v2.6.0 1D Tolerance Analysis Software

 EZtol is a 1-dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program.

 EZtol is a 1-dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program.

Sigmetrix debuts the latest version of EZtol 1D tolerance analysis software, version 2.6.0, is now available for immediate download. EZtol is a 1-dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program designed to assist in understanding the impact on assembly-level requirements of the accumulation of part-level dimensional variation and part-to-part assembly variation.

EZtol v2.6.0 offers enhancements that include:

  • Support for drafted features of size—EZtol now supports features of size (hole/shaft or slot/slab) that include draft.
  • Saved Views support model orientation and section views–Display States have been renamed to Saved Views and they now also support model orientation and section views in addition to the visibility status of model items.
  • Report snapshots support Saved Views—When creating snapshots of the model to include in the report, EZtol now records the active Saved View. This allows each stackup to have a snapshot showing its own specific model visibility and section view.
  • Additional reporting improvements—You can now choose which stackups to include in the report, as well as choose to disable the warning about potential 3D effects. The current treatment of assembly shift is also presented more intuitively in the report.
  • Numerous improvements to model interaction and workflows—Selection of items, particularly those hidden from view, has been improved, making the process of creating a new stackup more efficient.
  • New Stackup dialog includes improved presentation of mating features—Selecting the assembly constraints for a new stackup is now more intuitive, as EZtol now lists each of the components and features that have been selected.
  • Component names in the stackup table can be linked to the CAD model name—EZtol now allows you the flexibility to either have the component names in the stackup table linked to the CAD model names so they will update as changes are made to the CAD model, or to enter a custom name that may be more intuitive.
  • Added support for SOLIDWORKS Configurations—SOLIDWORKS customers can now choose which configuration of the assembly model is used by EZtol when creating a new EZtol file. The active configuration names for the top assembly and components are now shown in the stackup table and the report.

“Performing 1D tolerance stackups with injection molded or cast parts has long been a challenge because many of the model’s features are not orthogonal to the stackup direction,” states product manager, Raphael Nascimento. “With EZtol version 2.6.0 this has become much easier because now you can include holes, shafts, slots, or slabs in your stackups, even if those features contain drafted surfaces. This, along with all the other productivity-related enhancements make EZtol version 2.6.0 a powerful release.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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