CETOL 6σ v11.3.0 3D Tolerance Analysis Software Available

CETOL 6σ v11.3.0 tolerance analysis software can define auxiliary features, and manage ignored messages and updated language features, company says.

CETOL 6σ v11.3.0 tolerance analysis software can define auxiliary features, and manage ignored messages and updated language features, company says.

CETOL 6σ adds numerous improvements. Image courtesy of Sigmetrix.

Sigmetrix has released its latest version of CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software, version 11.3.0, is now available for immediate download. 

CETOL 6σ adds many improvements, including:

Usability Improvements

Large CETOL 6σ models often have several messages in the Advisor that don’t impact analysis. Users may now opt to “ignore” such messages, placing them in a separate area of the Advisor and permitting the user to review other messages that may require modification. This workflow enables an empty list of messages in the Advisor, avoiding concern by others during design reviews regarding the presence of the messages that don’t impact the analysis.

The Analyzer user interface has been updated in many areas to improve overall usability and consistency with the modeler interface:

  • A command ribbon replaces the toolbar
  • The menus have been simplified and reorganized
  • The window layout is improved and more flexible
  • The properties and results views are consistent with the Modler user interface

Improved Support for Model-Based Definition 

Automatically Create CETOL 6σ Joints from CATIA Assembly Constraint Definitions—CATIA users may opt to have CETOL 6σ “import” CATIA assembly constraints for the automatic definition of CETOL 6σ joints. Several workflows permit the user to validate the constraints before import. This is the same functionality that has been available in the Creo and SOLIDWORKS versions of CETOL 6σ.

Expanded Support for Common Datums—CETOL 6σ v11.3 now directly supports Common Datums referencing parallel but not necessarily coaxial axes of cylinders and drafted cylinders. Previous versions required the axes to be coaxial.

Data Management Improvements

Users often need to use auxiliary geometry, such as reference planes and points, within the CETOL model. Previous versions of CETOL 6σ required defining the necessary geometry in the CAD model. CETOL 6σ v11.3 supports the creation of such features directly in the application, including:

  • Points
  • Lines/Axes
  • Planes
  • Cylindrical Surfaces
  • Width Features of Size (i.e. slots and tabs)

Users may now opt to save a backup file either when saving the data to the primary location or periodically at regular, configurable intervals.

As with prior releases, CETOL 6σ v11.3.0 is available in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

For more details on the product, click here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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