Tech Soft 3D Debuts HOOPS Luminate

HOOPS Luminate is a new graphics SDK for photorealistic and advanced real-time rendering.

HOOPS Luminate is a new graphics SDK for photorealistic and advanced real-time rendering.

HOOPS Luminate provides developers with photorealistic and advanced real-time rendering for engineering applications in digital construction, product development and interior design. Image courtesy of Business Wire.

Tech Soft 3D, provider of engineering software development toolkits, has launched HOOPS Luminate, a new graphics SDK for photorealistic and advanced real-time rendering. HOOPS Luminate equips developers with a set of tools and features to create interactive 3D applications across different platforms and industries.

HOOPS Luminate gives developers control over the rendering process and image quality for scalability and access to a library of advanced realistic materials—all with one toolkit provider.

“We are very excited about introducing HOOPS Luminate to our partners and the broader engineering world because the speed, quality, and realism of the renderings created with this SDK are state of the art,” says Marco Salino, product manager for HOOPS Luminate. “With a powerful bridge to HOOPS Visualize, developers get the best of both worlds—an engineering-focused graphics engine with the ability to create stunning photorealistic renderings, bringing a new level of realism to their applications.”

HOOPS Luminate provides a customizable rendering pipeline tailored for graphics quality with different rendering types. It includes advanced technologies and solutions to ensure high performance and quality in rasterization and ray tracing. With a single C++ API, it can share the same data for real-time and ray tracing renderings and—thanks to its native hybrid rendering mode—can combine them both concurrently in the same view. It has a multithreaded Unicode engine and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

When used with HOOPS Visualize, HOOPS Luminate can add advanced rendering functionality to the engineering graphics engine. Developers can produce visual results directly within their engineering applications, supporting new workflows in various industries.

HOOPS Luminate will be a key component of the integrated suite of HOOPS software development kits (SDKs). It fills a specific need for quality, physically accurate, photorealistic rendering, allowing the next generation of engineering software applications to push their boundaries. Because of the integrated nature of the HOOPS SDKs, applications can easily import CAD data using HOOPS Exchange and render with HOOPS Visualize and HOOPS Luminate.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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