Hexagon Offers PRESTO Robotic Inspection Cell

The product enables manufacturers to reduce quality inspection times and streamline workflows, the company says. 

The product enables manufacturers to reduce quality inspection times and streamline workflows, the company says. 

All operators – no matter their training—are only a few clicks away from the metrology report, according to Hexagon. Image courtesy of Hexagon.

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched its new automated robotic inspection cell PRESTO, enabling manufacturers to reduce quality inspection times and streamline workflows, the company says. 

The solution builds on Hexagon'sHxGN Robotic Automation software, which has supported the automotive sector to integrate Hexagon's 3D scanning and absolute positioning technologies and software in a single turn-key solution, the company says. With PRESTO, Hexagon is adapting quality inspection for a dynamic, unpredictable time, as well as enabling the future of smaller-batch production of larger volume parts.

PRESTO enables end-to-end inspection in a turnkey package and is powered by 3D laser scanning technologies.

Some of its highlights include:

  • Reducing inspection time: PRESTO does not require a part to be specially prepared for inspection, and has no need to clean it afterwards. The automated robotic cell is quick and easy to set up Total time to inspect a part, such as a car door, can be reduced by up to half. PRESTO also processes data in real time, ensuring engineers can access information quickly and not have to wait to postprocess data once a part has been scanned.
  • Optimizing the product lifecycle: PRESTO connects inspection to the rest of a manufacturer's ecosystem. PRESTO can be fully programmed offline with a digital twin of the cell. This allows the programmer to progress the quality inspection setup while the operator is conducting the measurements, offering equipment efficiency and return on investment. Data from the inspection can also be compared to the digital twin.
  • Making quality inspection easier: PRESTO requires minimal setup, automates processes and is designed to be as easy to use as a smartphone. The system is also designed to be usable by quality professionals without robotics expertise. The speed and ease of the set-up means the system can be quickly adjusted to inspect different batches, parts or vehicles on a shared assembly line.
  • Improving safety: This robotic cell is built with safety in mind. Clear walls ensure others on the factory floor can safely see what's happening and the mobile workstation enables the operator to freely choose the right distance to safely monitor the inspection.

“Most manufacturers we speak to are keen to automate the inspection process,” says Nicolas Lachaud-Bandres, automated solutions director at Hexagon. “However, systems are often complex, expensive and require a robotics expert to run them—something which is particularly difficult at a time when the sector is facing a skills and labor shortage.”

“At Hexagon, we're on a mission to empower manufacturers with fast access to critical quality data,” adds Lachaud-Bandres. “So, we believe this roadblock to automating inspection needs to be removed. That's why we've created PRESTO—a solution that enables the future of automated inspection by making it accessible not just to large OEMs, but all their suppliers. It's an off-the-shelf solution that is simple to install, implement, and operate, and can help manufacturers reduce inspection time and costs, without the need for robotics expertise every time something changes.”

PRESTO is available now. Interested companies should click here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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