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Creo+ is the Cloud-based version of the company’s flagship mechanical CAD software platform.

Creo+ is the Cloud-based version of the company’s flagship mechanical CAD software platform.

Creo+ is the cloud-based offering of Creo 10, the latest version of PTC’s flagship mechanical design technology suite. Image courtesy of PTC.

PTC has released Creo+, the Cloud-based version of the company’s flagship mechanical CAD software platform. The company says enabling cloud technology in CAD provides real-time collaboration, automatic data synchronization for all users, and version control capabilities not easily duplicated in single-computer versions of CAD software. 

Creo+ is released simultaneously with Creo 10, an update to PTC’s popular CAD platform.  In addition to the features inherent to cloud technology, Creo+ includes all the capabilities of on-premise Creo. 

A new feature in Creo 10 and in this initial release of Creo+ is design and simulation of composites. Image courtesy of PTC.

Real-time collaboration means multiple contributors can work in a shared environment where changes are automatically synchronized across all users. PTC says this improves communication and accelerates innovation. Files are no longer sent as email attachments, and there is always only one version of the design, available to all. PTC says this also provides increased security for intellectual property with improved access control. 

License management is a necessary but tedious aspect of CAD deployment. PTC says cloud deployment reduces or eliminates most manual elements of CAD management. Licenses can be centrally managed, deployed and monitored. There are also telemetry services to identify and deploy training opportunities and other temporary licensing needs.

Creo+ will be automatically updated periodically directly by PTC, eliminating the need for companies to plan ahead for updates. 

PTC says 25% of its current business is related to software as a service and now outpaces sales of traditional on-premise design technology. “CAD and PLM software isn’t known for SaaS,” says PTC CEO James Heppelmann, “but that’s changing and the pace of change is accelerating rapidly.” 

PTC says development of Creo+ was aided by previous acquisitions of OnShape CAD and Arena PLM, both pioneers of cloud-based engineering tools. PTC unites these various tools and services with the new PTC Control Center based on its Atlas technology, to manage the various aspects of deployment and use. 

Creo+ includes new ECAD tools. Image courtesy of PTC.

Features new to Creo 10—and also found in this initial release of Creo+—include: 

  • Design and simulation of composites
  • Thermal stress and nonlinear contact simulation powered by Ansys
  • New ECAD tools 
  • Enhancements to model-based definition 
  • Enhancements to improve design for additive manufacturing

PTC will provide an online launch webinar on June 8 to introduce Creo+ and Creo 10; details here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website. 

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