Digital Engineering June 2022

Our June issue focuses on expanding the use of simulation, automation in design, choosing the right manufacturing process, and how to configure an engineering workstation; plus, a look at what is new in AutoCAD 2023.

Inside This Issue:

Limits of FEA Automation

As templates and apps broaden simulation’s reach, experts get a new role.

Expediting Engineering Design via Software

As software-driven automation continually drives the industry forward, expect increased efficiencies and effectiveness.

Countermeasures for the Great Resignation

AR/VR-based training could be the antidote to recruitment and retention blues.

Picking the Right Process 

There is no single solution to choosing the optimal production process, just a tried-and-true method of asking the right questions and leveraging vendor help.

Analytics: The Next Piece of the Digitalization Puzzle

Data collection is not enough; companies must have the right framework and tools in place to gain insights and improve operations.

Matching Engineering to the Workstation  

When selecting from among the new, high-powered engineering workstations on the market, it is all about the workflow.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2023? 

Machine learning tools lead the list of new features.

A Diminutive Powerhouse

We review the new AMD Radeon Pro 6400.

Nice Shot

BlackHägen Design and PreciHealth deliver safe, user-friendly and cost-effective self-vaccination and fluid sampling devices.

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