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Whether it is a mountain landscape or an up-close view of a jaguar's face, the pieces of a puzzle seamlessly connect to reveal a bigger picture. Like puzzle pieces, every component in a design or process must function properly on their own and work well together. Every day, engineers, scientists, and researchers around the world use multiphysics modeling and simulation to understand and optimize the individual pieces that make up the complete system. We have compiled several of their inspiring stories in this year’s edition of COMSOL News. 

You will meet a team from the Toyota Research Institute of North America that came up with a simulation-driven methodology for optimizing flow field microchannel plates, ultimately furthering the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. You will also find a story about how Zeugin Bauberatungen is analyzing how sound-absorbing curtains and foam panels help reduce noise distractions in open-plan office designs. 

In addition, there are articles on the creation and deployment of simulation apps for analyzing specific aspects of large-scale processes. One example shows how simulation apps are used for predicting the shelf life of fresh produce, thereby improving the use of refrigerated food storage in developing countries. Another story features an app that helps construction teams make informed decisions throughout each project to avoid overspending while delivering the best results possible. 

This year, we are also sharing a few articles with tips and inspiration on topics like visualization, 3D motor modeling, and MEMS devices. No matter the field or the application, great designs come together when each piece is optimized with the bigger picture in mind. 

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