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5540 Pioneer Creek Drive
Maple Plain, Minnesota, 55359
United States of America
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Protolabs is the world’s fastest manufacturer of custom prototype and on-demand production parts. We offer product designers and engineers multiple manufacturing technologies—3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding—to address their needs at each stage of product development and into production. We achieve our unprecedented speed with online quoting, proprietary software, and automated manufacturing processes that transform a CAD model into a final part within days, sometimes hours.

Our digitalized process starts with a customer uploading their 3D CAD model to receive an interactive quote with free design analysis and pricing information within hours. The manufacturability analysis helps customers eliminate problems, like sink or internal undercuts, before their design reaches the manufacturing floor, so modifications can be made early and often—without penalty. It’s an iterative process that lets designers and engineers avoid development speed bumps and reduce design risk, so they can get their products to market as fast as possible.

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Designing for Automotive/Transportation
The automotive industry is past the point of talking about the disruption coming from demand for electric vehicle powertrains or the potential of autonomous vehicles, and well on its way to responding to those disruptions thanks to advanced engineering technologies. Download this special digital edition.
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A survey of more than 700 members of the global engineering community and key market data identify the current and future state of additive manufacturing, Protolabs reports.

Protolabs survey finds companies under pressure to get products to market faster while still juggling workforce challenges.

Validation and certification of 3D printed parts is getting easier as standards efforts mature and process monitoring capabilities take aim at consistent quality.

The service, formerly known as Hubs, is viewed as a hybrid digital manufacturing model combining Protolabs' digital factories with global suppliers.

Protolabs' expanded CNC machining capabilities enable ability to get custom plated Parts in as fast as 4 days.

Advances in 3D printer materials handling capabilities and recycling services are helping engineers optimize scrap parts and unused additive manufacturing materials. 

As all-in-one solutions emerge, software and automation are streamlining additive manufacturing and other manufacturing processes into optimized and integrated production workflows.

Manufacturing model pairs company’s own digital factories with distributed supplier network to expand options for product developers and production buyers.

Despite the upside to support-free 3D printing, supports should be considered as just another tool in the toolbox to optimize certain parts and applications.

Protolabs Instant Manufacturability Analysis online service simplifies parts design process for 3D printing.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

On-demand manufacturers brace for supply chain volatility.

Get automated design feedback and expanded material and finishing options for 3D printing with new solution.

AM and digital manufacturing tools are in the spotlight as companies localize and distribute manufacturing closer to home to build greater resiliency into their supply chains.

Volume pricing, precision tolerances, enhanced finishes, and other machining capabilities now available for product developers, company says.

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