Xometry Leverages Google Cloud to Accelerate Manufacturing Digitization

Vertex AI will provide the horsepower to expand instant quote and fulfillment capabilities for Xometry marketplace.

Vertex AI will provide the horsepower to expand instant quote and fulfillment capabilities for Xometry marketplace.

Xometry’s AI-Powered Instant Quoting Engine to get a boost from Google Cloud. Image Courtesy of Xometry

Xometry, a two-sided digital marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers, has long harnessed the power of AI and data to deliver new services and offerings for customers. Now, thanks to a new partnership with Google Cloud, the Vertex AI service will help Xometry unlock harness its data to release new offerings faster.

Xometry’s proprietary Instant Quoting Engine, which already employs AI, gets smarter with each interaction, allowing the marketplace to better serve buyers and suppliers, according to Randy Altschuler, the company’s co-founder and CEO. Xometry’s two-sided digital marketplace is transforming manufacturing by digitizing an otherwise manual process that often took weeks to get from design to production. The Instant Quoting Engine analyzes the most complex parts in near real time and delivers pricing, lead time options, manufacturing process recommendations, and optimal suppliers within seconds.

“What would have taken us years will now take months, and what would have taken months will now take weeks,” Altschuler says. “In other words, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI will act as an accelerant for unlocking the power of our data.”

In expediting the process, Xometry is helping customers create resilient supply chains while also empowering manufacturers with digital tools to significantly grow their businesses. Vertex AI will also help Xometry expand the markets it serves for custom manufacturing and further advance the digitization of manufacturing globally.

“Google Cloud’s expertise in AI and its Vertex AI platform will help enable us to get to market even faster with new offerings in entirely new categories,” adds Matt Leibel, Xometry’s Chief Technology officer.

Google describes Vertex AI as “a machine learning (ML) platform that lets users train and deploy ML models and AI applications, and customize large language models (LLMs) for use in AI-powered applications.” The service combines data engineering, data science, and ML engineering workflows, enabling teams to collaborate with a common toolset.

Watch this video to learn more about the Xometry marketplace.

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