Stratasys Now Offers OpenAM for F900 Printer, New Materials

Updates to several industrial and healthcare business unit products and Stratasys Direct now offered by Stratasys.

Updates to several industrial and healthcare business unit products and Stratasys Direct now offered by Stratasys.

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Stratasys Ltd. is announcing updates to several industrial and healthcare business unit products and Stratasys Direct. These include a new open platform for the F900 3D printer, more on-demand 3D printing capabilities and a new high-performance material for its Fused Deposition Modeling line.

OpenAM Comes to the F900

Stratasys OpenAM is a software application that enables the user to modify machine controls to achieve results beyond standard print settings. Already available for the Fortus 450mc printer, Stratasys is now making its OpenAM software available for the F900 printer. This will allow for expanded functionality and capabilities and will unlock new materials for F900 users.

New VICTREX AM 200 Material for FDM

A new material offering that opens the application potential for industries like aerospace and medical, where material properties are components of a 3D printed solutions. This new high-performance, high-strength, validated material, VICTREX AM 200, will be available for the Fortus 450mc and the F900. VICTREX AM 200 is a PEEK-based polymer that is temperature, corrosion and chemical resistant, with mechanical properties that can be used with soluble and breakaway support material.

Carbon Fiber Visual Print Option

Carbon Fiber Visual Print Option is a new 5-slice (0.005”) layer height across the F-123 Series line of printers that is coming later this month for FDM ABS-CF10. It produces a smoother surface finish and is built for applications that demand the durability of a carbon-filled polymer, but also requires a visually appealing result without additional post-processing.

F770 Adds New Colors

The F770 printer can now print in multiple colors, in addition to its original single ivory color. Six new ASA colors, including red, white, light gray, black, blue, and yellow, will allow for more application versatility with FDM ASA and ABS-M30 engineering plastics. The new colors enable printing without painting or other post-production marking, allowing parts to be available much faster.

Somos NeXt Validated for SLA

Somos NeXt is now a validated material for Stratasys NEO stereolithography 3D printers. Somos NeXt is a resin with strength that can be used in automotive and consumer products, along with other applications, including prototyping, to produce accurate and detailed parts.

New GrabCAD Software Print Integration

Stratasys has introduced Parts on Demand by GrabCAD, a new integration that synchronizes the company’s software platform with Stratasys Direct. This addition allows GrabCAD Print customers to access Stratasys Direct’s fleet of 3D printers, allowing for larger and more intricate designs, a selection of more than 50 engineered materials, and assurance of stringent quality inspections.

“In making these upgrades and enhancements, we are taking and applying feedback from our customers to help them better meet their additive manufacturing needs,” says Rich Garrity, chief industrial business officer, Stratasys. “Additive manufacturing is on the cusp of a new era, where it works side by side with traditional means of manufacturing. Bringing new products and updates, increases our ability to become part of the manufacturing ecosystem.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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