Spatial Releases 2024 1.0.1

2024 1.0.1 offers advanced functionality for optimizing and simplifying complex data, company says.

2024 1.0.1 offers advanced functionality for optimizing and simplifying complex data, company says.

After launching the alpha version, Data Prep, Spatial’s newest add-on product for 3D InterOp, is now officially released to all customers. Supported strategies include filtering small bodies from a model, removing small holes and fillets, and generating an assembly structure from a part with duplicate bodies.

Spatial plans to invest further in Data Prep strategies. Functionality to be released soon includes:

  • Advanced capabilities to reduce the amount of data to manage while preserving relevant features to shorten model preparation times for multiphysics and process simulation workflows.
  • Ability to convert polyline data to continuous curves during file restore to decrease memory consumption and allow for successful import.
  • A new option to avoid model shrinkage due to Data Prep strategies such as feature removal to ensure the accuracy of collision detection analyses.
  • More detailed logging information about model changes due to Data Prep.

3D Acis Modeler

When printing or simulating the part, generating a realistic 3D model representing the object with its actual thickness is helpful. This release delivers a new application programming interface to generate a thickened body from polyhedral sheets. ACIS now provides functionality to compute the intersection graph between two polyhedral bodies. It also allows combining disjointed polyhedral bodies into a single body.

CGM Modeler and CGM Polyhedra

Improved Polyhedral Modeling for Additive Manufacturing

This release provides performance enhancements targeting polyhedral healing and offset. For both types of operations, options are now available to tune the performance for specific configurations.

New Medial Axis Extraction Operator

Simulation engineers need tools to simplify the geometry of parts to reduce the time it takes to compute an analysis. This release features the beta version of the Neutral Fiber Operator, which reduces radially symmetric 3D bodies to a one-dimensional line.

For more product details, click here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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