SparkBeyond AI Breaks Key Volume Milestones

AI innovator SparkBeyond announces that it has passed a key threshold for its problem-solving platform.

AI innovator SparkBeyond announces that it has passed a key threshold for its problem-solving platform.

SparkBeyond, AI innovator, announces that its Problem-Solving Platform is now able to generate 4 million hypotheses per minute, breaking new ground in AI impact generation. Furthermore, the company has just surpassed 7 billion hypotheses generated in total.

Founded in 2013, SparkBeyond’s Problem Solving Platform unlocks the value of data in totally new and profound ways: it generates kinetic insights based upon millions of hypotheses, that adapt to constantly changing data, conditions and events. Drawing from a network of data sources, the platform quantifies complex patterns and uncovers novel drivers never considered. This empowers organizations with strategic and operational intelligence to drive maximum impact.

“At SparkBeyond, we believe that to find the right answer you must first ask the right question, but unfortunately humans can only ask so many questions at once,” says Sergey Davidovich, CEO and co-founder of SparkBeyond. “Therefore, we have developed a platform for AI-augmented problem-solving at scale that empowers research analysts to accelerate breakthroughs. By integrating the world’s largest collection of algorithms, our AI technology is now capable of asking questions—4 million per minute, and more than 7 billion total questions asked—and revealing key patterns within datasets in a fraction of the time it would take human operators. This simply allows users to generate unprecedented impact and results.”

“Our goal as a company is to help humanity unlock its collective intelligence to deliver any kind of positive impact possible—be in a social or business setting,” says Davidovich. “By reaching this new volume milestone we are kicking this mission into the next gear and are incredibly excited about what we will be able to achieve next.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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