FARO Introduces Digi-Cube

Digi-Cube, from FARO, is a high precision, high scan rate, digital servo-controlled scan head that is easily integrated into various laser scanning products.

FARO, provider of 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology, 3D machine vision, construction BIM, public safety forensics and product design applications introduces a combination of price and performance for a digital laser scan head with the FARO Digi-Cube.

Digi-Cube is a precision, high scan rate, digital servo-controlled scan head that is integrated into various laser scanning products. It is designed to enable best-in-class outcomes for exacting applications such as accurate laser marking, scribing and engraving, laser 3D printing, photovoltaic production and welding.

Digi-Cube offers, as validated by side-by-side performance benchmarking and available published technical specifications, comparable or better performance than alternative analog laser scan head products across various key parameters at lower price points, the company reports.

Additionally, beyond other performance improvements, Digi-Cube offers real-world marking results relative to similar hybrid, digitally controlled products at a lesser price, the company reports.

The Digi-Cube laser scan head is designed to the XY2-100 command protocol, which is intended to assure easy OEM integration and plug-and-play replacement of existing analog servo control scan heads.

Self-tuning technology automatically compensates for mechanical wear, extending service life and eliminating what has been identified as a major issue with traditional analog servo filters.

The Digi-Cube is available for ordering now with 48-hour shipping and includes a one-year standard FARO warranty. Also, it is supported by the best-in-class FARO Customer Service network.

“We are excited about the new level of value that we are able to offer across an extensive segment of laser marking applications,” says Mark Longmuir, senior director, Laser Processing. “Our extensive experience and understanding of the pain points for key players in this space indicated that there was an unfulfilled need for a laser scan head with high digital performance but at an analog level price point. With Digi-Cube, we are confident that we have addressed this gap in a proactive, value-added manner.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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