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Dell Technologies World: AI in Focus

Dell, NVIDIA showcase how their hardware supports innovative AI use cases.

Dell, NVIDIA showcase how their hardware supports innovative AI use cases.

Image courtesy of Dell Technologies.

This week marks the start of Dell Technologies World 2024 in Las Vegas, and artificial intelligence (AI) will be top of mind at the conference. The conference will include updates on Dell's AI offerings, as well as a look at how AI is being used to enhance product development, space exploration, sporting events, cybersecurity, and more. 

Dell has been making strides in advancing its hardware to support emerging AI-based applications, and is announcing new capabilities at the conference.

Dell has expanded its Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA (which we wrote about here) to include new server, edge, solutions and services advancements that speed AI adoption and innovation. Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA is what the company describes as an “end-to-end AI enterprise solution that integrates Dell’s compute, storage, client device, software and services capabilities with NVIDIA’s AI infrastructure and software suite, all underpinned by a high-speed [Spectrum-X] networking fabric.”

“Organizations are moving quickly to capture the AI opportunity, which is why our collaboration with NVIDIA is so important,” said Michael Dell, founder and CEO, Dell Technologies. “Our expansion of the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA continues our joint mission – we’re making it easy for organizations to implement AI so they can move boldly into this next technological revolution.” 

“Every company will need an organized approach with the right technologies to deploy and manage AI,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA builds on our strategic collaboration with Dell, providing a reliable and innovative foundation for businesses to achieve powerful AI outcomes.” 

Image courtesy of Dell Technologies.


The new solutions offered as part of the product include the Dell PowerEdge XE9680L; the Dell NativeEdge operations software platform (which can automate the delivery of NVIDIA’s AI tools and SDKs to edge devices); the Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants; Implementation Services for Digital Assistants; and Dell Accelerator Services for RAG on Precision AI Workstations, to help “shorten the AI development cycle and yield better performing AI applications faster through a tailored large language model using RAG on a Dell Precision mobile workstation with the NVIDIA AI Workbench development platform for rapid prototyping in a secure environment.” 

Dell is also conducting AI workstation demos at the conference. Among the demos:

Dell Validated Design for Digital Assistants featuring the Digital Assistant Concierge - Demonstrated on a Dell Precision 7875 with dual NVIDIA RTX™  6000 Ada GPUs, the digital concierge (represented by a 3D figure on a monitor) will provide a look at the AI model training involved in creating the assistant, and how  content is loaded into the Digital Assistant via the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) Model. 

GenAI Image Generation at Scale with IP Control - This demo will explore how NVIDIA AI Workbench and image generator Invoke can be used on a Dell Precision 5690 workstation to create AI imagery using text prompts.

Real-time GenAI with Streaming Diffusion - This demo is conducted on a Dell Precision 7960 with Quad NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, and involves creating projected augmented reality generation. 

Smart Hospital of the Future - This digital twin simulation is run on a Dell Precision 3280 compact workstation with an NVIDIA RTX™ 4000 Ada Generation GPU. The demo uses NVIDIA Omniverse™ to create digital twins of patients and hospital rooms to explore how care can be improved using augmented reality.

Parts of the show will be broadcast live, and you can view those sessions here. The conference also includes a star-studded lineup of speakers.

The May 20 keynote includes Chairman/CEO Michael Dell, along with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott, and Samsung SDS President and CEO Sungwoo Hwang. The May 21 keynote focuses on AI use cases, and features speakers from Broadcom, Deloitte, Microsoft, Hugging Face, Meta, and McLaren Racing. 

In addition, attendees will also be treated to presentations that include Olympic gold medalists Lisa Leslie, celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and musician T-Pain, among others.

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