Cloud-Native CAE Enables Innovation for Remote Workers

Cloud-native CAD and CAE allows engineering teams to work remotely very effectively. Set up your own cloud-native simulation via the web in minutes by creating an account on the SimScale platform. No installation, special hardware or credit card is required.

SimScale in-product support feature is one platform benefit making simulation easier and more accessible: A user can ask questions in real-time to the SimScale support team using a chat box, and can even share their simulation project to help the team provide guidance and diagnose problems.

Brainchild Engineering is a physical product development company based in Northville, Michigan. They are a team of 45 engineers, designers, marketers, researchers, and project leaders who have been helping product companies build, launch, and sell amazing new products since 2016. They were named one of the Top 10 Emerging Prototype Engineering Companies of 2021 by Manufacturing Outlook Magazine. Brainchild covers the entire spectrum of a new product’s development and launch process. They have extensive experience in a broad range of industries, including: Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Industrial Machinery, Scientific Equipment, and Inventions.

Brainchild works with very tight schedules and fixed-cost contracts, as such, they need to get the engineering solution right the first time, and there is little room for errors and delays. Dan Engerer (Founder and Director) recognizes the benefits of using engineering simulation for virtual prototyping to reduce/minimize physical testing and allow for rapid and effective exploration of the design space (such as through parametric sweeps). Simulation enables his team to be creative and find the balance rapidly without a lot of trial and error, and to turn around innovative product development fast.

Brainchild were early adopters and has now standardized on Onshape® for their CAD and SimScale for their CAE simulation requirements. They selected cloud-based SaaS tools for convenience as such tools are not limited by on-premises hardware performance and cost, and allow Brainchild to avoid the headache of the IT management aspect of on-premises hardware which they view as a dinosaur approach. Also, the global accessibility and collaboration features of the SimScale cloud-based CAE tools mean that Brainchild can hire skilled engineers based anywhere using the simulation tool, performing design optimizations whilst following design for manufacturing (DFM) considerations. In summary, cloud-native CAD and CAE allow their engineering team to work remotely very effectively, as they have deployed a hybrid approach of local versus global engineering talent. 

Set up your own cloud-native simulation via the web in minutes by creating an account on the SimScale platform. No installation, special hardware or credit card is required.

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