Celeritive Technologies, Inc. Releases VoluTurn

VoluTurn offers platform-independent toolpath technology for rough turning of complex components.

Celeritive Technologies, Inc., developers of VoluMill, recently released VoluTurn, a platform-independent toolpath technology for rough turning.

Like VoluMill, VoluTurn offers manufacturers the ability to increase productivity by reducing cycle times while also reducing wear on cutting tools, the company said via a press release. VoluTurn is particularly effective with the types of components most commonly associated with the power-generation industry: parts of complex geometries turned from difficult-to-machine materials. Any industries that face these or similar challenges can especially benefit from using VoluTurn, according to the company.

According to the company, VoluTurn’s key features include:

  • Automatic collision avoidance;
  • intermediate retract options, based on time, distance, or number of passes, to check, index, or change inserts;
  • efficient repositioning between cuts;
  • unidirectional and bidirectional cutting patterns, with constant or variable depths, to fully utilize the inserts while helping prevent notch formation;
  • automatically calculated entry and exit arcs for optimum performance and minimized insert wear; and
  • a consistent material removal rate and tool load throughout the toolpath
“The development of VoluTurn is a direct result of our commitment to address industry requirements,” said Gregory Saisselin, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Celeritive. “To get suitable toolpaths for such complex components, part programmers are currently spending untold hours painstakingly creating lines and arcs along which to drive the insert. VoluTurn enables them to generate more efficient, associative toolpaths in seconds, with full collision avoidance.”

For more information, visit Celeritive Technologies, Inc.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website. 

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