3D Systems Debuts Stereolithography Printer

SLA 750 Dual is a synchronous, dual-laser SLA printer, reportedly delivering notable speed, increased throughput production manufacturing.

SLA 750 Dual is a synchronous, dual-laser SLA printer, reportedly delivering notable speed, increased throughput production manufacturing.

The SLA 750 and SLA 750 Dual utilize Hyper-Scan vector technology—a scanning algorithm developed to address unique requirements of production additive manufacturing applications. Image courtesy of 3D Systems.

3D Systems unveils the SLA 750 stereolithography additive manufacturing (AM) system. Designed to address large-format or high-volume production applications, the solution comprises the SLA 750 and SLA 750 Dual—a synchronous, dual-laser stereolithography printer—and the company’s new Accura AMX Durable Naturalmaterial and the PostCure 1050 post-processing system. The solution is optimized for cost-effective SLA batch part production.

Additionally, the entire solution can be integrated into the factory floor through the Oqton Manufacturing OS. The result is a solution to deliver large, production resin parts and batch part production for industries such as transportation & motorsports, consumer technology & durable goods, manufacturing services, aerospace and healthcare.

SLA 750 & SLA 750 Dual for Large Production Parts 

The SLA 750 is a single-laser configuration that delivers faster print speeds and is field-upgradable to the SLA 750 Dual. Both printers feature a 15% larger build envelope and smaller hardware footprint than previous models, allowing manufacturers to optimize and scale production. The system features a self-calibrating dual-rail recoater to improve print process reliability and final part mechanical properties.

The SLA 750 and SLA 750 Dual use Hyper-Scan vector technology—a scanning algorithm developed to address requirements of production additive manufacturing applications. The printers include downstream automation readiness and are robot compatible for 24/7 lights-out operation (for examples, fully automatic printer turnover, job-offloading, washing, on-boarding).

Both printers include 3D Sprint, software to prepare, optimize and print 3D CAD data. 

General availability of the SLA 750 is planned for the second quarter of 2022, and the SLA 750 Dual is planned to be available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Tough Accura AMX Natural Material 

3D Systems’ range of production-grade SLA resins uses chemistry to deliver mechanical performance and stability for large-scale plastic parts. The company introduces Accura AMX Durable Natural, which is designed to withstand repeated high mechanical loads and shocks with a combination of mechanical properties including impact resistance, tear strength and elongation at break.

Accura AMX Durable Natural is tested per ASTM D4329 and ASTM G194 for indoor mechanical performance for up to 8 years, and outdoor weathering stability for up to 1.5 years. This material exhibits similar stress/strain toughness performance to standard thermoplastics, and its isotropic mechanical properties ensure part strength in any build orientation.

Accura AMX Durable Natural is available for immediate order.

PostCure 1050 Industrial Scale Post-processing 

To meet the requirements of 3D Systems' high yield SLA 750 production workflow, the company is introducing the PostCure 1050. This industrial-scale, post-processing system offers high-volume, high-speed drying and curing for batch jobs and large parts up to 1050x750x600 mm. Long-life LED light sources, automatic detection and alert of light failures, and a one-step light output calibration routine help ensure more predictable, consistent part and job outcomes. 

PostCure 1050 is compatible with all 3D Systems resin printers and suitable for all current and future material innovations. General availability of the system is planned for the third quarter of 2022.

Integration into Existing Workflow

To maximize true production agility, AM must integrate with the manufacturer’s existing workflow. This can be facilitated by Oqton’s Manufacturing OS, an agnostic platform that enables manufacturers to increase efficiency by intelligently automating production. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Oqton Manufacturing OS unifies engineering and production, connecting specialist applications across design, CAM, 3D printing, simulation, reverse engineering and inspection. Combined with Industrial Internet of Things and machine learning technologies, manufacturers can connect technologies and machines across multiple sites.

The new SLA 750 printer will be in 3D Systems’ booth (#2613) at RAPID+TCT, May 17-19 in Detroit. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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