Digital Engineering, June 2021

The June issue includes a preview of CAASE21, AI for design, test-based validation for simulation, biomimicry, open-source simulation, and reviews of the NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU and AutoCAD 2022.

Inside This Issue:

CAASE21: Simulation in Focus

The online conference will explore the use of simulation and analysis across the design and development process.

The Coming of Age of AI and Machine Learning in Design

Simulation and manufacturing can benefit from AI, but adoption hurdles still exist.

A Reality Check for Simulation

Simulation needs test-based validation to be credible.

Studying Ants and Plants to Build Better Parts

Examine the link between generative design software and biomimicry.

Open Source Meets Simulation

Open source CAE can be more cost effective and provide greater transparency than commercial simulation codes, but the learning curve is steep.

Material Insights into Additive Manufacturing

Use of multiscale material modeling and simulation software is helping expand role of additive manufacturing.

Real-Time Ray Tracing Redux

The NVIDIA RTX A6000 outperforms its predecessor.

Edge Computing as Antidote to Remote Engineering Challenges

Cloud and edge, when used in combination, yield a novel, cost-efficient IoT deployment solution for smart products.

Why Digital Twins Need to Call the Cloud Home

The cloud connects real-world data to digital replica.

3D Printing Down Under

Australian race team says additive manufacturing is addictive.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2022?

AutoCAD promises a more connected experience across platforms.

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