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Podcast: Engineering Process Optimization

We talked to ESTECO to learn how process optimization and automation can improve design.

We talked to ESTECO to learn how process optimization and automation can improve design.

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Podcast: Engineering Process Optimization
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Usability is a key issue for many working with automated solutions. Regardless of their level of expertise, individuals are faced with complex algorithms and must identify the right optimization strategies to get the best result, while taking into account the time and human resources available. Such manual tasks are not only time-consuming but highly repetitive, where the design and engineering expertise of specialist staff is not used to its full potential.

As part of our Technology Leader Profile series, Digital Engineering spoke to Danilo Di Stefano, product manager at ESTECO, about how modeFRONTIER and VOLTA platforms for design optimization and simulation process data management (SPDM) can automate every sort of simulation process, integrate any solvers, run intelligent algorithms, and help engineers pick the right design.

You can learn more about ESTECO here.



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