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NEERE - Making Remote Collaborative Product Development Happen

Safe, reliable technology for remote collaboration.

Safe, reliable technology for remote collaboration.

Today’s unprecedented circumstances push the limits of remote communication and collaboration solutions, as organizations strive to ensure business continuity.

Especially in the field of engineering simulation the evolution of analysis models and the evaluation of results, on different design stages and centers, requires time-efficient and effective mediums of collaboration.

At the same time, working and communicating from distance, with non-reliable and not secure platforms add risk and reservations.

Addressing those needs, BETA CAE Systems brings forth NEERE, a new software, with the aim to meet existing needs and take remote work and collaboration to new levels.

Access your office workstation from anywhere

With NEERE you can gain full access to your corporate workstation and work remotely allowing you to mobilize your data and information stored in corporate systems and run your software from anywhere.

Join your colleagues in the world of your models

On top of the standard communication tools such as messages, voice, live videos, NEERE offers an easy to learn and work on Virtual environment in which you will dive into the world of your virtual simulation models. Integrated with ANSA, META, and META VR, NEERE provides a complete collaboration platform that makes sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas effortless.

On-premises, private and secure

As an on-premises, web-based telecollaboration platform NEERE will let you boost productivity in an enterprise-ready, multi-OS web platform that ensures security and trustworthiness. All interprocess network, server-client, HTTP, and WebRTC traffic is encrypted and secure, while all data are transferred via your organization’s own network only.

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