A glimpse into the future of post-COVID collaboration? Lenovo recently released the Lenovo Mirage VR S3. Image courtesy of Lenovo.

Lenovo Releases Mirage VR S3

New 4K VR Display Designed with Pico Interactive

New 4K VR Display Designed with Pico Interactive

Last week at AWE (Augmented World Expo), Lenovo announced the release of its Mirage VR S3 Headset, augmented with its ThinkReality software.

The headset is “an all-in-one headset developed in conjunction with Pico Interactive ... Specifically designed for enterprise, the Lenovo Mirage VR S3 features a 4K display for clearer visuals, hands-free control for utilization with or without the provided controller, and an easy to clean, hygienic face plate suitable for mass use. Built with integrated audio and up to three hours of battery life, the new VR headset is rugged, light weight and ready to scale within the enterprise,” the company says in the announcement.

Lenovo also offers the ThinkReality software development kits and IT management tools for enterprise deployment.

Lenovo recently released the Lenovo Mirage VR S3 headset, augmented with ThinkReality enterprise deployment tools. Image courtesy of Lenovo.

Lenovo and many AR/VR vendors see a way to fill the need for remote collaboration during the COVID-19 crisis that has triggered month-long statewide lockdowns. While many states and countries are slowly reopening, the fear of a second or third wave of infection, along with travel restrictions, make remote working protocols necessary for the foreseeable future.

In his talk titled “Scalable Enterprise AR Solutions that are Easy to Deploy—More Important Now than Ever Before,” Michael Leon, Director of Commercial AR/VR, Lenovo, said, “Some companies view this crisis as an opportunity to accelerate projects. For others, unfortunately things have slowed down, or some funding has been put on hold .. What we're hearing from our customers is, it's changing their priorities on AR/VR, and what they are able to do with certain tools, like remote expert, remote assistance, and virtual training. For us, we believe AR help companies operate smarter in this environment.”

In a recent survey by Fortune magazine, 63% of the Fortune 500 CEOs said the current COVID-19 crisis would accelerate their technological transformation. Only 6% replied it would slow it down.

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