Jabil Joins New Amazon Dash Replenishment Service Providers Program

Program reportedly enables brands to streamline smart packaging solution development while building automated ordering and replenishment experiences for customers.

Jabil Packaging Solutions, a division of Jabil, has joined the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) Solution Providers program. This program enables systems integrators to bring new DRS-enabled devices, which automatically reorder physical goods from Amazon.com, to their customers.

Jabil Packaging Solutions delivers specially designed smart packaging and devices with embedded technology that senses when new supplies are needed. When the contents are running low, the packaging containers use DRS to trigger an order from Amazon, delivering new supplies to consumers at the right time, every time.

“With DRS-integrated packages, households can run smoother and more efficiently because key items can be automatically replenished thanks to the ease of eCommerce,” says Joe Stodola, vice president, Jabil Packaging Solutions.

Jabil’s digital replenishment solutions with DRS will serve consumers through a smart container that senses product usage, with or without an accompanying smartphone application. Product modifications—such as changing the flavor, size, delivery date or reorder threshold—are at the user’s discretion. This customizable, frictionless repurchasing reduces and simplifies the complexity of tracking stock, remembering what needs replacing, making lists and planning store trips.

“Working with companies like Jabil Packaging Solutions, brands now can leverage more complex designs that are already pre-integrated with technologies needed to build DRS into connected devices,” says Dean Seifert, general manager, Amazon Dash.

Jabil Packaging Solutions will empower leading brand customers to lower costs, bring connected devices to market faster and drive increased consumer loyalty through autoreplenishment of their consumables through the DRS-connected device. The ability to better understand consumer habits and preferences—not just in purchasing, but in actual use—will prove invaluable in driving deeper customer insights and informed product innovations. Jabil Packaging Solutions has the ability to collect this usage data for each brand sending a consumable through the ecosystem.

Jabil Packaging Solutions says it is ideally positioned to accelerate the development of smart packaging solutions with its end-to-end design and development services. Connected packaging opens the door for brands to create an entire ecosystem for customer experience and consumables fulfillment, while successfully deploying and maintaining that ecosystem through an innovation partner.

Proven capabilities in electronics, wireless communications, sensors and supply chain management enable Jabil to embed sensors into devices seamlessly to detect product use and level. Additionally, Jabil’s supply chain cloud solutions ease in-field provisioning and device upgrades while streamlining ecosystem operations. This functionality simplifies both on-demand scaling and the management of device-generated data. Smartphone and web app development ensures an optimal consumer experience.

For more info, visit Jabil.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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