Eurocom Launches Raptor X17 Mobile Supercomputer

The computer is powered by NVIDIA RTX 4090 (16GB DDR6), Intel i9-13900HX (24C/32T) and RAID 0/1/5.

The computer is powered by NVIDIA RTX 4090 (16GB DDR6), Intel i9-13900HX (24C/32T) and RAID 0/1/5.

Eurocom Raptor X17. Image courtesy of Eurocom.

Eurocom Raptor X17 Mobile Supercomputer is powered by Intel i9-13900HX 24C/32T Processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 16GB DDR6 graphics processing units. It comes with 10 I/O ports and supports up to 24TB of solid-state drive storage in RAID 0/1/5, 2x Thunderbolt 4 and a  choice of 17.3-in. Ultra high definition, quad high definition and full high definition LCD panels ranging up to 300Hz. It is designed for 3D modeling and rendering applications.

The Raptor X17 is the newest, mobile supercomputer class laptop from Eurocom. Powered by Intel HM770 chipset, this mobile supercomputer weighs 3.2 kg, making it much easier to move around for on-the-go deployment. 

LCD Choices:

  • 17.3-in. (43.9 cm); 240Hz QHD 2560x1440; Matte; 100% DCI-P3; eDP
  • 17.3-in. (43.9 cm); 144Hz; UHD 3840x2160; Matte; 100% DCI-P3; eDP
  • 17.3-in. (43.9 cm); 300Hz; FHD 1920x1080; Matte; 100% DCI-P3; eDP

GPU Technology

The Raptor X17 offers two GPU options: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 (9728 CUDA / 16GB DDR6) or RTX 4080 (7424 CUDA / 12GB DDR6). It supports NVIDIA Advanced Optimus Dynamic Display Switching Mode.

CPU Technology and Chipset

Using Intel’s high-performance HM770 chipset allows the Raptor X17 to support high-performance Intel i9-13900HX Processor with 24 cores/32 threads.


The Raptor X17 supports up to 64GB of DDR5-5600 RAM using 2 x SODIMM sockets of 262-pin, DDR5 SODIMM memory modules. These modules are low power, running at 1.1 Volts of energy per module, further adding to the Raptor X17 high-energy efficiency.


The Raptor X17 supports three physical M.2 NVMe drives, providing up to 24TB of storage. The three drives can be configured in multiple RAID options depending on user requirements. The RAID 0/1/5 options are available for NVMe SSDs. 

LAN Technology

The Raptor X17 comes with an integrated Killer E3000 LAN chipset running at 2.5 GbE with a standard RJ-45 port. This LAN port is ergonomically located at the back of the machine, away from other ports, to reduce disruptions from other ports/wires and allows for non-stop network connectivity. Additional LAN ports including 10GbE are available via 2x Thunderbolt 4.0 ports.

Operating Systems

Designed to be “Ready-to-Go” out of the box, the Raptor X17 comes preloaded from a choice of operating systems including Microsoft Windows 11, MS Server 2022 and/or and Linux, just to name a few, depending on the client’s specifications. 

Battery Backup

The Raptor X17 comes with an internal high capacity 8-cells Polymer Battery Pack rated at 99WH that functions as a built in UPS allowing for proper shutdown in the event of a power failure.

The Raptor X17 has two fans embedded along with three total heat sinks to maintain an even heat dissipation and keep overall heat production and energy use low. Large vents are strategically placed in the back of the machine to give this Mobile Supercomputer form factor not only more of a sleek look, but also adds functionality as it allows for more heat ventilation. There are also internal thermal sensors monitoring internal temperatures in an ongoing basis.

Security and Protection of Intellectual Assets

Eurocom offers a suite of security in its Raptor X17 including a TPM 2.0 Encryption, BIOS Password and Kensington Security slot to allow customer to protect and secure their data and/or intellectual assets. 

Eurocom also offers an optional, “anti-hacking, anti-spying protection suite,” consisting of the removal of webcam, microphone and WLAN. This allows for protection of intellectual assets and further defends against malware, tampering and theft of digital assets, data and other intellectual properties.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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