DE News Roundup: March 1, 2019

RTX-powered system for raytracing, on-demand clouds for rendering and simulation, new VR goes on sale

BOXX shows off RTX-powered APEXX Enigma S3 at SolidWorks World, ANSYS and Chaos Group release on-demand cloud, Varjo begins selling VR-1

Varjo releases what it calls the first human eye resolution VR. Shown here is the company’s VR-1 headset. Image courtesy of Varjo.

New RTX-Powered System from BOXX

At SolidWorks World a few weeks ago, system maker BOXX showcased APEXX Enigma S3, a machine powered by NVIDIA RTX GPU. The graphics processing power makes it suitable to run demanding applications such as SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Watch the demo by Tim Lawrence, BOXX VP of operations in the video report.

Also at the show, NVIDIA turned the Canada, France, Hawaii Telescope CAD model into a VR experience inside its collaboration platform Holodeck. A peek of the VR walk in the video report.

On-Demand Clouds for Rendering and Simulation

This week Chaos Group, known for its V-Ray renderer, launches what it calls “a one-click cloud”—enabling access to on-demand cloud computing to accelerate rendering. Recently simulation software maker ANSYS also launched the ANSYS cloud, based on a similar on-demand computing concept. Both offer their clouds under a similar payment system. These are signs of a new trend among engineers and designers who run compute-intensive applications.

VR with Human Eye Resolution?

New VR headset maker Varjo launches what it calls “the first human eye resolution VR,” a VR system with eye-tracking. The company already has a well-known carmaker providing testimony on why they have chosen Varjo. More in the video report.

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