Bioprinter Wins Design Award

The BIOX 3D bioprinter prints with human tissue for life science research applications.

CELLINK’s BIO X printer won this year’s Swedish Grand Award of Design. Image courtesy of CELLINK.

Teknikföretagen, the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, has awarded its annual Grand Award of Design to the BIO X 3D bioprinter from CELLINK. Semcon’s design department worked with CELLINK to create a user-friendly exterior for the printer.

The Grand Award of Design is based on input from a jury of design experts, and highlights “design as a key to competitiveness and profitability.”

“This is an important award that shows how design work has helped the launch of a fantastic innovation in a credible and user-friendly way,” says Markus Grip, Senior Product Designer at Semcon.

The BIO X 3D bioprinter uses a bioink (designed by CELLINK) to print human tissue. The printer is used in life science research to allow medical tests to be carried out on human tissue instead of animals or humans.

According to the expert jury: “CELLINK has not only created a revolutionary bioprinter, they have also made it accessible for researchers through an extensive cost-efficient cooperation. By creating a smart futuristic design with a low threshold for the user, CELLINK has opened up for solving complex problems.”

The BIOX printer was recently part of a project tin Poland that resulted in the 3D printing of a prototype vascularized bionic pancreas. That project is set to move into animal studies in the next year, and could eventually result in human transplants that could help treat diabetes.

CELLINK also partnered with Volumetric to create the Lumen X bioprinter for larger vascular structures.

Source: Semcon

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